Appenzeller Barthuhner Chickens

Appenzeller Barthuhner

Uses: Exhibition. Utility: eggs.
Eggs: 190 – 220 white / cream.
 Switzerland (Appenzell Canton).
Weight: Cock: 2.26 – 2.94Kg, Hen: 1.36 – 1.81Kg.
Bantam: Only Large Fowl Standardised in the UK.
Colours: Black, Blue, Laced, Black-Red.
Useful to Know: A very active breed so is best suited to a system of free range as it is a superb forager. Unlike the other breed from the Appenzell canton the Barthuhner is not a flighty breed and is fairly calm although males can be aggressive during the breeding season.

Originating in the northeastern Swiss canton of Appenzell, it is believed that the Appenzeller Barthuhner chicken originated in the most isolated areas of the nation, where winter temperatures were significantly lower. The rose comb and little beard covered wattles are a result of the breed’s creation by a local farmer who wanted them to be able to resist tough weather conditions and lay huge quantities of eggs with no additional food.

The breed is called Barthuhner, which means “Bearded Hen” in literal translation because of its beard. Small wattles are acceptable on the Barthuhner, unlike most other bearded breeds, although they should be nearly disguised by a full beard.

The breed, which was never especially well-liked in the UK, is still covered by the Rare Poultry Society after the joint Spitzhauben and Barthuhner club disbanded in 2001. Fewer than ten Appenzeller Barthuhners are said to be in the UK at this time.

Breeding Hints

Take care with males during the breeding season as they can be aggressive.