Profitable Cucumber Farming, Cost of Cultivation

Today, we learn the cucumber farming profit in 1-acre cultivation along with the cost of cultivation of cucumber production, the economics of cucumber farming, project report for 1-acre cucumber farming. you can find all calculations like net profits in cucumber farming, returns in cucumber cultivation, etc..

Cucumbers are a rich source of proteins and vitamins that are essential for the human diet. India is the origin place for cucumber. It is a climbing plant that is mostly cultivated for summer vegetables. They are a rich source of water that contains about 90 to 96% of water. They are the rich source of Mb and vitamin K among other nutrients and minerals. Cucumbers are mostly cultivated for dual purposes i.e., cumber as a vegetable and as a salad. In addition, cucumbers are used in curing various skin diseases and other heart and kidney diseases.


Watermelon Field. In both the Kharif and the Rabi seasons, cucumbers can be grown. Cucumber can be grown for both salad and as a vegetable in both seasons. If the cucumber farm is properly cared for and managed, cucumber farming in India can be a lucrative Agri farming venture. We’ll tell you about the expenses, earning potential, and financial rewards of growing cucumbers in this post. A beginner’s guide to growing cucumbers has previously been provided.However, we will solely discuss the expenses and earnings associated with growing salad cucumbers in this piece.

Cucumber can be grown throughout both the rabi and kharif seasons, as was previously said. For the Kharif and Rabi seasons, a seed rate of 1 to 1.5 kg/ac is needed for both salad and vegetable cucumbers. Cucumber harvesting takes about 45 to 60 days following planting. On average, cucumber yields range from 60 to 80 quintals per acre. On the other hand, it might change from variety to variety, season to season, and area to region. Why not go over the costs and profits of growing cucumbers now?


Salad cucumber seed varieties:

Local cucumber seed cultivars

  • Japanese long green.
  • Straight site.
  • Poise seeti.
  • Pusa kheera
  • Co – 1.
  • Other local varieties

Hybrids salad cucumber varieties

Cucumber seed cost per acre:

To plant 1 acre of cucumbers, we need 1 to 1.5 kg of cucumber seed. The average price of cucumber seed for a 1-acre area, irrespective of the firm and other factors, is Rs. 2000 per kilogram seed. As a result, 1 acre of cucumber seed costs Rs. 3000 for a 1.5 kilogram seed.

Cucumber seed treatment cost for 1 acre:

As cucumber is prone to various diseases, insect pests, and nematodes, we have to go for cucumber seed treatment with pesticides like 5 gm imidacloprid to control insect pest, 3 gm thiram to control fungal diseases, 3 gm carbofuran to control soil-borne nematodes and 5% or 5 gm Trichoderma or pseudomonas as a bio seed treatment. All these costs about Rs. 500.

Cost of fertilizers and pesticides for growing cucumbers on a single acre

In order to grow cucumbers on a 1-acre plot, we must apply or provide 40 kilogram N, 40 kg P, and 20 kg K. The total cost of these macronutrients, also known as NPK, is roughly Rs. 2500. To manage serious diseases like the powdery mildew of cucurbits, we must apply a variety of pesticides, such as insecticides like chlorpyriphos, imidacloprid, etc., and fungicides like metalaxyl and other sulfur fungicides. These herbicides collectively cost around Rs. 7000.


Costs associated with preparing the field for sowing and plowing in a 1-acre cucumber farm:

It costs Rs. 3000, which includes the cost of labor, to prepare the land by plowing and planting on raised beds spaced 1.5 to 2.5 feet apart.

Cost of labor in cucumber farming:

We require 2 laborers for every 15 days in order to carry out all the farm operation. Therefore, for 4 months the labor cost in 1-acre cucumber farm is Rs. 4000.

Cost of support construction:

Like other climber or vine vegetable crops, cucumber also requires support to grow. It costs around Rs. 10000 for the support wires and stands. The support is durable and can also be used for further vegetable cultivation or in the later seasons.

Cost of miscellaneous activities in 1-acre cucumber farming:

In cucumber farming, miscellaneous activities like irrigation, weeding, and other intercultural operations are done which incurs Rs. 15000 approximately along with the labor charges to carry out intercultural operations. This cost also includes all other farm activities within in the 1-acre cucumber farm.

Cost of production and distribution for a 1-acre cucumber farm:

The plucking method of harvesting calls for skillful manual effort. Every cucumber cultivar has a different harvesting schedule. The yield is another factor. The cost of harvesting increases with increased yield. A farm producing cucumbers on an acre costs about Rs. 7500. While the quantity of harvests also affects the cost of marketing. Therefore, let’s estimate the cost of marketing the finished cucumber produce at about Rs. 5000.

The total cost of 1-acre cucumber farming (in Indian Rupees):

Cost of cucumber seed per acre: 3,000

Seed treatment cost: 500

Pesticides cost: 7,000

Fertilizers cost: 2,500

Labor cost: 4,000

Support cost: 10,000

Miscellaneous cost: 15,000

Harvesting and Marketing cost: 12,500

Total cost :      54,500

Therefore, the total cost of 1-acre cucumber farming is Rs. 54,500 approximately.



Conclusion of commercial cucumber production:

This is all about 1-acre cucumber farming and profits from it. If you have any queries, comment below for more information.

Some facts about growing cucumbers:

  • Usually, cucumbers will be ready for the first harvest 2 months after planting. However, this depends on cucumber variety, cultivation practices.
    Generally, one cucumber healthy plant can produce 12 to 15 cucumbers per vine, again it depends on the variety.
  • If your cucumbers are not growing, you must control the different types of wilts and Cucumber beetles.
  • Cucumbers grow best between 65°F (19°C) and 75°F (24°C). However, prolonged winters or cold conditions under 12°C will kill your cucumber plants.
  • Incase of cucumber plants dying, check the soil moisture. Too much watering or lack of water may cause the cucumber vine to start dying.
  • You can identify the cucumber harvesting time when cucumbers turn bright medium to dark green and firm.
  • Powdery mildew disease is the main cause of turning cucumber plants to white (white spots on leaves).
  • You can control cucumber beetles with the help of sticky traps.
  • Anthracnose, blight, and leaf spot are the main cause of turning your cucumber plant into brown color.
  • If your cucumbers aren’t growing or getting huge, you need to examine the nutrients in the soil. It could be caused by a lack of nutrients or fertilizers.
  • Depending on the kind of soil, cucumber plants need 1 to 2 inches of water every week.
  • If your cucumbers taste bitter, it’s probably because of the chemical molecule cucurbitacin.
  • Baking soda can be used to treat cucumber blight, as can other methods including removing any leaves with fungal spores or white patches. You can also use any approved fungicide in place of garden mulch.