GenoMar launches “premium” tilapia line in Brazil

The line, which has been continuously developed for more that 30 years, was previously only present in Asia, but can now be distributed in Brazil, following the establishment of a cutting-edge, biosecure breeding Centre in Tocantins.

GenoMar’s genetic programme consists of a portfolio of lines and products adapted to different needs of the global tilapia industry. Based on the characteristics of the Brazilian market, the company is launching the first product, called GenoMar 1000, with an additional one or two products to be launched in coming years.

The company says that GenoMar 1000 is selected for fast growth to reduce the production cycle, leading to a consequent increase in farm productivity. The product also combines robustness, resistance to specific pathogens and a competitive fillet yield.

In the pre-launch trials carried out under commercial farming conditions in Brazilian waters, the company says that its GenoMar 1000 fish grew from approximately 20 to 1,000 grams in 114 days in cages, and 121 days in ponds.

“The fish was compared with high-performing Brazilian genetics, showing 30 percent faster growth than the local genetics,” according to GenoMar.

“In addition to superior growth, GenoMar’s fish groups also showed significantly better uniformity and the survival rates in cages were higher. The fish pathogen, Streptocccus agalactiae was detected at the cage site during the experiment. The elevated tolerance to this infection could be due to the selection for Streptococcus’s resistance done over generations on the GenoMar fish,” the company adds.

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